When it comes to termite control, Jim’s are the trusted experts on the Central Coast. Our techs are very experienced at treating all species of termites found in the area. We are the go-to experts that locals trust to eliminate these demolition experts.

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Most people snap to attention when someone mentions termites. We all know how destructive these pests are and all have friends and family that have been affected.

There are almost endless stories of homes that have been consumed. Often the owner does not know they have termites until it is too late.

Termites are a very secretive pest and travel underground to gain access to your Central Coast home. It is only when their mining operations break through your wall, do you eventually see evidence of their existence.

Residents these days are putting in preventative measures to stop them from invading their homes.

Jim’s local pest exterminators can certainly help you with a free quote for these preventative measures.

Termite Control

Identifying the species is the first step in termite control

Did you know that in Australia there are well over 300 different species of termites?

Most of these species pose no real threat to your home or business as they are grass and vegetation eaters. There are, however, a handful of species that we would regard as destructive and are the ones responsible for eating homes.

If you look at these species with the untrained eye, they all look the same. To most people a termite is a termite.

It is extremely important that you know what species you have. They all have different feeding behaviours, and this will dictate what treatment plan needs to be put in place.

All of our local Jim’s Pest Control Central Coast technicians have been trained on how to identify white ants (termites) correctly. We even have field trips where we go out and search for live termites.

Eradication of the termite colony is how we do it

Once the termites have been correctly identified, our techs will discuss with you options regarding treatment. If you have Heterotermes, you are lucky, as a simple dust application can be applied to their workings.

If you are unfortunate enough to have Coptotermes, the treatment plan will be extensive. They are the second most destructive termite we have in Australia, and the colony numbers can be in the millions.

With these species a baiting program is recommended which will require several visits.

The other method we can use is direct injection into the nest. Of course for this to occur, we will need to have located the nest. Note that the definition of “the nest” is locating the king and queen.

The cost of a termite colony treatment ranges between $400 to $1200. This is only an estimate and to get a true cost you should obtain one of a free quotes, by calling 131 546.

Termite prevention measures

Putting termite prevention measures in place is the final part to any successful termite treatment. After a home has been attacked, it is not uncommon for another termite colony to launch similar attacks within 3 years.

Jim’s Pest Control on the Central Coast are the go-to local experts when it comes to these measures. We have a wide range of products that can meet anyone’s budgets.

Your local tech will be able to discuss options with you, and the positives and negatives of each treatment.

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