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Jim’s pest control Central Coast are your local experts. Like all Jim’s businesses, the person who runs the business, owns the business. Jim’s simply supports them by providing expert knowledge and training.

You can trust the Jim’s name and our local technicians to help you with any pest problem.

Get in touch with us by simply calling 131 546 and our friendly staff will take your details.

Why people choose Jim’s Pest Control Central Coast

Training with a senior pest exterminator technician exposes our techs to the most up to date techniques and practices. Like everything, technology is constantly changing which allows us to deliver better results for our clients. Since 2010, we are the go-to experts that Central Coast residents trust to resolve any pest issue.

We’re Affordable

With hundreds of pest techs across Australia, at Jim’s Termite & Pest Control we can pool our resources to keep our prices down for you.

Happy Customers

We’re Australia’s largest home services group and have many thousands of satisfied customers.

Treatment Options

You’ll get a straight explanation of what we’ve discovered and the options that are available

Fast Response

We will get back to you ASAP – usually in under an hour.

Flexible Appointments

We know you’re busy – we can make an appointment that fits your schedule.

Licenced, Police Checked & Insured

You’re in reliable hands.

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What pests can we help you?

Termite Terrigal


Termites can cause extensive damage in a short period of time, so they’re just not a risk worth taking.

In addition to professional termite inspections, we provide treatment, management and termite prevention solutions.

Pest Inspection


Between advanced technology and a keen eye for intruders, we’ll find any pest that shouldn’t be there.

Our services include general pest inspections and pre-purchase inspections, and all include a detailed and easy-to-understand report.

Cockroach Control

Pest Eradication

Pests can be anything from annoying, to unhygienic, to downright dangerous.

We have specialised solutions to remove or eradicate a huge range of pests, including creepy crawlies, flying insects, possums and rodents.

Jim’s customer guarantee

The famous Jim’s customer guarantee is why more people use Jim’s for their pest control services. The pest control guarantee works like this:

  • If you are unhappy with the job, simply contact your local tech.
  • The tech will return and resolve any issue that you may have.

It’s that simple.

For each pest controller, returning is looked upon as the opportunity to learn more about the pests they are treating.

While in most cases the initial treatment will suffice to control the pests, sometimes they may do something unexpected.

If, on the very odd occasion, a service technician unwilling to return, a simple phone call to our support centre on 131 546 will get you in touch with the area manager. Once this occurs, problems are usually resolved very quickly.

This Jim’s guarantee gives our clients piece of mind knowing that if something goes wrong, it will get fixed.

The best pest exterminator treatment products deliver outstanding results

Our Central Coast techs are always striving to deliver better results for our clients. They know how the overuse of chemicals influences our environment. We are committed to developing better techniques that enable the use of less chemicals without compromising results.

Along with our customer service, looking at new and more innovative ways of performing pest control is what we are best known for.

Targeted pest control is now how we perform most services. For instance, if you have an ant problem then we will often provide a bait that is laced with a chemical. The ants then readily transport this bait back to the nest.

Within a few short days the nest will die out. This is a much better way of treating ants, as opposed to blanket spraying chemicals around the property. Blanket spraying will kill the ants, but unfortunately it will also terminate a lot of other beneficial insects.

Even worse, it may not kill the nest and hence you may get a reinfestation.

Commercial Pest Control Central Coast

What to expect from Jim’s Pest Control Central Coast

As a household name, Jim’s technicians across the country are known for their helpful, friendly service and reputation for getting the job done right the first time. Jim’s Pest Control Central Coast is no different.

While nationally accredited, we’re a local, family-owned business committed to helping homes and businesses of all sizes across the Central Coast and New South Wales.

Our pest control techs across the country pool their knowledge and resources so that we can stay up to date on the latest in pest control techniques and technology.

This also means we’re able to service a broad variety of domestic and commercial pest control work, including:

  • Termite inspections, treatment and prevention
  • General pest sprays
  • Spider, cockroach, and ant eradication
  • Possum removal
  • Rodent control
  • End of lease pest control
  • Flying insect control and eradication
  • Building and pest inspections

As always, our work is backed up by the famous Jim’s Guarantee: if you’re not satisfied with our service, we’ll return so that you are.

We’re ready to help – get in touch today.


When you contact us…

We’ll return your enquiry ASAP – normally within the hour

Make a suitable appointment time

Explain what’s discovered and options available

Provide you with a quote for the required work

Arrange a time for treatment /control (if not same day)