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Gosford is an awesome place to live and work on the Central Coast. We have great recreational facilities in the area that are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

We are surrounded by waterways like the Narara Creek. Walking along these waterways is a favourite amongst locals. Picnicking in these areas is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon.

Unfortunately, our habits have been a windfall for pests. Overflowing rubbish bins and carelessly discarded food are all that pests need.

You would be surprised to learn what type of pests are hiding around the waterfronts.

Jim’s Pest Control Gosford are the go to local experts

When it comes to treating pests, using a local will always deliver exceptional results. A local understands the environmental conditions we have that affect pest behaviour.

Knowing homes and business that back onto bushland are at high risk to termite attack has saved many homes.

A local tech who lives in the area understands when we are likely to see pests in our community. They often put in place treatments ahead of the oncoming pest invasion.

It results in many of our Gosford clients having a pest free Summer. This is why we are the go-to experts that locals trust to resolve any pest issues.

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Common pests we see around Gosford

Most Gosford locals live in the area due to the pristine environment we have. Pests live in this area as well, but remain hidden during the daylight hours.

The area is attractive to the pests due to the abundance of food available. Typically, they only emerge at night to feed, but when the weather warms up, the population can explode.

Rats, mice, ants, possums, and termites all thrive in these warm conditions. When the population in the surrounding bushlands gets too great, they will seek shelter close by.

When a person discovers they’ve had pests move in, a quick phone call to Jim’s will get them back under control.

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What you can do to reduce pests

Pests only invade homes and yards for some basic reasons. Firstly, they will be in search of food or water. For example, an overflowing rubbish bin or pet food is irresistible to pests.

Often, removing pet food overnight and making sure rubbish bin lids are secured is enough to discourage pests.

For spiders, wiping spider webs down daily can be enough to cause them to move on. They expend a large amount of energy building webs. If they must reconstruct their web every night before capturing their next meal, it can be enough to make them move away.

To really make it hard for spiders, if you have a general pest treatment done it will reduce their food source. Without enough food to support them, they are likely to move on.

If you do not like spiders, our local Gosford techs have some great treatments that will keep them at bay.