Jim’s is your local pest control The Entrance experts. Our techs servicing this Central Coast location are experienced, fully trained, and insured. You can trust the Jim’s name to help you with any pest problem.

Get in touch with us by simply calling 131 546 and our friendly staff will take your details.

The Entrance is one of the Central Coast’s best kept secrets. We have incredible beaches, great scenery, and most locals are into water sports.

Whether you like fishing, surfing, or walking, The Entrance has something for everyone.

For the same reasons we like this magnificent part of Australia, pests are drawn to it as well.

Waterways provide the ideal environment for insects to breed. During the summer months these insects can breed up in vast numbers, and this in turn provides an ample food supply for pests.

Our homes provide the perfect shelter places for them, and, during warmer months, we can receive several calls a day from distressed locals.

Jim’s Pest Control The Entrance

Jim’s has been servicing The Entrance clients since 2011. Our technicians servicing the area are extremely experienced and have been in the industry long before joining Jim’s.

They joined the Jim’s Group because they wanted to start their own pest control business. For their clients though, they saw a huge advantage in being involved with a well-known brand with great support.

Being part of Jim’s Pest Control has allowed them access to the absolute best products on the market. It allows them to tap into a massive treatment knowledge base as well.

This has meant that they are able to deliver outstanding results for their clients.

Pest Control The Entrance

Call backs are a learning experience

The advantage to using a local Jim’s owner operator is their customer service philosophy. Not only that, but our technicians use the best pest control products on the market.

They live and work in the local community so understand how confronting pests can be. Combined with their training, deployment of the best possible products and up-to-date techniques is how they conquer most pest problems.

However, just like us, pests are always evolving. Sometimes they will surprise our techs and do something unexpected. When this occurs, we strongly encourage our clients to call us back to their premises.

It plays a vital role in our customer service when this happens because it gives us the opportunity to learn more about pest behaviour.

For example, one day a tech was performing a general pest spray. He noticed that there were ants accessing the roof. He put up a chemical barrier all the way around the house to cut off their access.

A week later, his client phoned to say that the ants were back. The tech was puzzled about how they were getting past the treatment.

When he revisited the site, he found that the ants had worked out that a power cord from the roof to a shed was not treated. They were using this as a highway to evacuate the colony.

In this case the treatment did not fail, rather the pests had found a way around it.