Jim’s is your local pest control Erina experts. Our techs servicing Erina and surrounding area are experienced, fully trained, and insured. You can trust the Jim’s name to help you with any pest problem.

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Erina is one of the best places on the Central Coast to live. It has a relaxed country lifestyle and locals and visitors alike are drawn to the area.

Locals love to explore the surrounding bushlands and they will often spot native animals moving around. What you may not see, however, are all the pests that are in hiding.

The majority of pests are nocturnal and will only emerge from their hiding places once nightfall comes. If you go out after dark with a torch you may be shocked to see just how many pests are around.

If you ask your local Jim’s Pest Control business owner, they can tell you what is lurking in the bushes.

Jim’s Pest Control Erina – a local small business owner

When you engage the services of Jim’s Pest Control, you can be confident that you are supporting a local small business. We pride ourselves on helping locals to set up and run their own business.

Jim’s knows how important it is for money to be spent in the community. Our techs in Erina are locals, and their children go to schools in the area. You will even spot them at local sporting clubs.

The best part of having technicians from within your community perform your pest control services is their local knowledge.

They know the months where the mosquito and fly armies take flight. Even when we see heavy rains, they know that rats and possums will seek shelter in your roofs.

This enables our techs to put in place treatments before the pests invade. It is one of the reasons why we are so successful at getting pests under control in Erina.

Pest Control Erina

Winning combination

Jim’s has been servicing clients all around Australia since 2011. In this time we have had hundreds of techs performing a wide range of pest control services.

All of this work has created a substantial knowledge base. For an Erina-based small business owner this is a massive advantage.

If our techs come across something they have not seen before, all they have to do is to tap into this National knowledge base.

For example, a client called regarding what they thought were bird mites. They had 2 other pest control companies attend their premises to treat the bugs. Both companies were unable to get on top of these particular pests.

When our tech arrived on site, they took a photo of the pest. They were sure it was not bird mites as the pest looked nothing like them. The photo was sent to a senior tech.

This tech looked at the photo and immediately identified them as juvenile lady beetles.

He rang the tech and said to look in the roof void for old rodent baits. He knew from other similar situations that it was likely that the pests were attracted to old, shop-bought rodent baits.

The local tech rang back soon after and confirmed that the pests were feeding on the old baits. A pest treatment plan was then put in place to get them under control.

Being able to tap into this knowledge base is what makes our techs so successful. It does not matter what pests you have, we will have a solution for you.