An annual termite inspection is critically important when it comes to protecting your largest investment. Jim’s are the local experts Central Coast residents trust with their homes.

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Termites, although small, seem to possess superpowers. While they cannot leap over tall buildings, they certainly can demolish it in a surprisingly short space of time.

This seems far-fetched, but our local Central Coast business owners come across termite-consumed buildings every week. These are buildings that have had zero, or generally poor protection in place.

It is truly devastating for the clients when the extent of the damage is revealed. Therefore, we cannot stress enough that you should have an annual termite inspection.

Termite Inspection

Experience counts when choosing a termite inspection provider

Termites are a secretive pest and as such, trying to find them yourself will prove difficult. Using an expert with the right equipment makes them easy to find.

Our Central Coast pest technicians have been finding and eliminating termites for years. They are very skilled at spotting even the slightest signs of termites.

One of the signs that you have termites are if you spot small, round, mud marks on your walls, usually the size of a sesame seed. Often clients clean them away, only to discover they reappear a few hours later. This is one of the first subtle signs that you have termites hiding in your walls.

Many Central Coast homes have been saved from these ravenous pests by having an annual termite inspection by Jim’s Pest Control.

Termites found, but what comes next?

When termites are found in your home or business it is best to act fast. Some termite species colony numbers can be in the millions, so the damage they can cause can be extensive.

Jim’s Pest Control experts will firstly correctly identify the termite species. From this, they will formulate an action plan as to what needs to be done.

They will take their time to explain to you how the treatment will work and what you will need to do.

Finally, they will give you an indication of what costs will be involved.

Flying Termite

How often should inspection be done?

Central Coast residents think that a termite inspection just involves looking for termites. In fact, a good termite inspector will be looking for other things which may attract them.

They will be looking for conditions conducive to making your home more attractive to termites. For example, a pile of timber stored against your home next to a leaking tap.

To a termite this will be irresistible, as they only require two elements to survive. A regular supply of water and a source of timber to eat is all they need. By simply highlighting this to a client and recommending the problem be removed has saved many homes from potential disaster.

Detecting water leaks inside bathrooms is another aspect that a termite inspection will find. Again, this is what termites are looking for. A dripping pipe onto internal timbers in a house is incredibly attractive to a termite.

You might be surprised to learn that the breeding termites fly when the conditions are right. So even if you have a current termite management plan in place, a termite inspection is still very important.