Are you looking for a franchise for sale Central Coast? Jim’s has fantastic franchise opportunities available on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW now. If you have ever thought about starting your own local business, please add pest control to your shortlist.

We would love to hear from you right now, so enquire by calling 131 546 and talk to one of our friendly staff about this great opportunity.

The Jim’s Group enables locals to start their own business, and is why we are so successful. High achievers that give back to their community are the people we look for when considering people for a Jim’s franchise ownership.

They are the ones who are always volunteering at community events, always wanting to help the community. Even when successful applicants start their own pest control business, they still have that driving urge to help within the community.

Because they are driven to help people, Jim’s know they will make exceptional pest controllers. If you add into the mix the superior pest control knowledge that Jim’s has on tap, you have a winning combination.

It is why Jim’s Pest Control Central Coast is so well regarded around Australia for solving pest issues.

Franchise For Sale Central Coast

Franchise For Sale Central Coast – Our local pest techs have the support base

With a team comprising locals is an advantage as they of course have local knowledge. Often, our new techs are unaware of the knowledge they possess, but Jim’s training just draws it to their attention.

For example, living in the area means you experience firsthand the local weather conditions. Most people are surprised to learn that weather conditions have a large effect on pest behaviour.

For instance, when it rains during summer, pools of water form. Soon after, mosquitoes find these pools and start to breed rapidly. As they start to take flight, millions will be caught in spider webs providing an ample food source for their growing family.

Highlighting these local weather conditions often causes a “penny dropped” moment with the trainees. They can be heard exclaiming “Ohhh, that’s why we get bombarded with mozzies a couple of weeks after a storm!”

Drawing this knowledge out and combining it with superior treatments is why Jim’s delivers exceptional results on the Coast.

Pest training in the most up-to-date techniques and products

Running your own pest control business is hard because the industry is always changing. Every week there are new products entering the market, and that can be difficult for a small business to keep up with all the changes.

Even worse, as we all know what benefits and promises are often claimed on product labels, and what appears in advertising is often not based in reality. If these products are used on clients’ premises without thorough testing, they will not deliver the desired result.

Central Coast residents who use Jim’s are at a distinct advantage.

As soon as a new product hits the Australian shores, we start trialling it immediately. Running trials in difficult situations really puts new products to the test. Proven products are used alongside of these products to test their effectiveness and palatability.

Sharing the results with the wider Jim’s Pest Control community is a vital part of the process. This feedback helps our local business owners as they can learn a lot about a new product, without having to trial it themselves.

This is one of the reasons why we are the go-to pest experts on the Central Coast.

Jim’s brand built on customer service

High customer service expectations are why Jim’s is an industry leader. When David Penman started his mowing business in 1989, he could not imagine how successful it would become. Yes, Jim’s actual name is David Penman.

Delivering customer service above and beyond client expectations is how he built his business quickly. Soon after he was able to split his business and bring on board other like-minded people.

Applying these same basic service principles is how he has built his franchisee numbers to well over 4,000 today.