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Terrigal is one of the prettiest places to live on the Central Coast. We are spoilt with pristine, white sandy beaches right on our doorstep.

We have great food outlets close to the beach which are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. However, the seagulls in the area can be very annoying during the summer months.

Any unattended food is quickly swooped on. But seagulls are not the only pests that are determined to ruin your outdoor experience.

Ants swarm to local parks, although you will not notice these little pests until you sit down. The ants know that wherever there are humans there is likely to be a rich food source.

The local Jim’s Pest Control business owner knows only too well the other pests hiding in Terrigal.

Jim’s Pest Control Terrigal know where pests hide

It is one thing to know how to treat pests, but it’s more critical to know where they hide. Pests are very secretive, and most will only emerge after dark.

Often Terrigal residents will not even know they have a pest problem. By the time they discover the pests hiding in their home or business, they are already well established.

Clients are quite shocked when they get one of our techs to look at their cockroach problem. The client indicates they have only seen one or two.

When our tech starts to look where they like to hide, they often discover thousands. It can be a truly distressing revelation for many homeowners.

This knowledge our techs possess means that we can treat pest’s hiding spots. It is the reason why we can deliver exceptional results for our clients.

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Mosquito and fly treatments

Jim’s Pest Control Terrigal is one of the only few companies that have effective treatments for flies and mosquitoes (mozzies).

The Terrigal area has many waterways, which means lots of stagnant water, and that is exactly what mosquitoes need. During the summer months they can breed up in vast numbers.

As soon as you open the door at dusk or dawn, they will charge on in.

Did you know that mosquitoes detect people inside by the CO2 that we give off?

As this gas escapes around doorways it will be sensed by these blood suckers. It is the reason why you will see mozzies hanging around your front door.

It is why our techs are always treating walls around doorways.

Termites can travel underground up to 150m from their nest

Termites are incredible little creatures when you think about it. Their diet is wood, and presented with the right type, they can devour timber structures in mere months.

Their nests are commonly located in large trees, and, as you know, we have plenty of these in the Terrigal area.

From the nest the worker and soldier termites will travel up to 150 meters to find food. Travelling underground is the way the avoid predators. When they find a good food source, they will commence mining operations.

Unfortunately, often the food source is often someone’s home. It is quite surprising how much damage these little pests can cause a building in a short period of time.