Successful termite treatment will need a local Jim’s Pest Control expert. Our techs servicing the Central Coast are experienced, fully trained, and insured. You can trust the Jim’s name to help you with any termite problem.

It is not a great feeling when you discover termites inside your home or business. Something chewing on your walls is an upsetting experience.

When they’re found your immediate thoughts are that you will have to rebuild your home. However, this is not always the case as different species of termites will cause different levels of damage.

Your local Jim’s Pest Control Central Coast can give you an idea of the damage that has been done.

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Termite treatment starts with identification

To put in place an effective termite treatment plan you must first work out what species you are dealing with. Like humans, not all termites are alike. For example, they have vastly different feeding patterns. If you do not know which species has taken up residence, it is likely that the treatment used will fail.

There are 300 plus different species of termites in Australia. Most do not cause damage to homes as their diets consist of vegetation. Others diets however consist solely of timbers, that are not in service.

To correctly identify them your local technician will perform a visual termite inspection. When they do this, they will look at their workings and where they are feeding. Looking at what may have caused them to start chewing in a particular area is important as well.

It is not uncommon during this process for technicians to find more than one species of termite.

Termite Treatment

Evaluating the site

Evaluating the site in the next step in working out what termite treatment may be applied. Our techs will look at the building structure and the soil types to work out what can be done.

They will even look at some of the restrictions that the property may have. For instance, homes built on rocks or on the edge of cliffs can pose some interesting challenges.

Once the evaluation is done, they will formulate some options for you. They will even take into consideration any budgetary constraints you may have.

Please note that the site will dictate what termite treatments may be suitable.

Only trust only an experienced pest business!

When you are choosing a termite treatment provider on the Central Coast, you need to go with a trusted name. If you choose a business that is not well-known or has little to no reviews, you are putting yourself at risk.

These businesses may not have been around for long or, even worse, they may not even possess the necessary training or licenses to be able to perform treatments.

Often an inexperienced person will perform termite treatment at a ridiculously cheap price, and this should be a warning sign to you.

When trusting what is, for most people, your biggest asset (your home) with a company, you want to use a brand or business you know you can reply on. This is the main reason why more residents on the Central Coast now entrust their premises to Jim’s Pest Control to deal with any termite issues.