Termite treatment prices will depend on what type of termite you have, and the building structure. Jim’s Pest Control Central Coast will have a solution for any termite problem.

We also understand that sometimes budgets are tight, and as such, can offer some suitable options. A termite treatment price can be as low as $500.

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The pest that everyone fears on the Coast is the dreaded termite. Just the sheer mention of their name in a conversation sends shivers down the spines of most people.

Everybody knows at least one person who has had their home affected by these tiny home demolition experts.

The news services often report on unsuspecting homeowners who have purchased homes with these pests already inside. It is truly gut-wrenching when the total amount of damage becomes apparent.

When you’re considering termite treatment prices, you must fully understand what treatment process is being applied. Pay close attention to the limitations of any treatment.

At Jim’s Pest Control Central Coast, we always fully explain the process and costings to you.

Termite Treatment Prices

Termite treatment prices varies from job to job

When treating termites, a site evaluation will need to be carried out. In this assessment the local tech will be looking at how large the infestation is and what species of termites you have.

If you are lucky to only have Heterotermes the treatment price can be as little as $500. The reason for this is that Heterotermes only have a small colony and are extremely easy to treat.

For these termites, a dust is applied to them and within a few short weeks the colony is terminated.

If, on the other hand, you have a more destructive termite like Coptotermes, the treatment will need to be more extensive and this will be reflected in price.

Colony elimination cost

There are four different ways to eliminate a termite colony.

Foaming and dusting of a termite colony is a fast way of dealing with a colony. This involves getting some foam or dust into the termite workings. The termites then encounter the product and, in some cases, take it back to the nest.

As this treatment is quite simple the costs can also be as low as $500.

Another way of treating termites is to provide them with a bait. This bait is laced with a product that interferes with their growth rate. They cannot detect the growth regulator and hence take it back to the nest. Within a few weeks the whole colony will be affected and shortly after they will all die.

It is the most effective way of getting rid of termites as we can ensure we eliminate the nest. Because this treatment will require several visits, the cost of treatments like this start from $900. While this may sound expensive, it is the only way to guarantee the colony will be eliminated.

The final way we can treat termites is to inject a liquid chemical.

Preventative measure costs

Once the termites have been dealt with, you will need to put something in place to prevent future attacks.

The first preventative measure is to set up a chemical zone that stops the termites from crossing. If they enter this zone the chemical will kill them. The disadvantage of this measure is that if the zone is disturbed in any way, the warranty is voided.

Another option is to install a termite monitoring system. As the name suggests, these are monitoring stations that are place around the perimeter. The foraging termites come across these stations in their travels. A local tech will periodically check the stations, and once activity is detected, baiting will commence.

This is an extremely popular preventative measure, and some of the companies who supply us with products provide warranties. Obviously, conditions will apply.

The cost for these types of termite preventative measures start from $3,000.